Medical Forms
Required annually in September


Scouts and Scoutmasters:  Parts A & B are required to participate in Troop 4. 

Adults: Parts A & B are required to attend any overnight trip.

Scouts that join the Troop mid-year must submit a medical form when they join. Updated copies are due in September on the Troop schedule.

Two (2) hardcopies of Parts A, B1, and B2 and two (2) copies of the insurance card are required.

Only submit copies of your medical form. Keep the original for other Scouting activities.

Delivery Options

Electronic copies are not accepted. DO NOT EMAIL YOUR FORM.

Medical Form Instructions

Part A

Part B

Part C

Part C is required for Scouts and Adults for any overnight trips over 72 hours, including High Adventure trips and Summer Camp. Part C must be completed and signed by a doctor. Part C is not due in September.

Common Mistakes


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