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Welcome to Troop 4

Boy Scout Troop 4 offers year-round adventure for youth ages 11-18. Troop 4 consists of about 50 scouts and accepts news scouts at any time of the year. No previous scouting experience is required.

Our regular schedule runs from September through June. We meet weekly and have at least one outing a month. In the summer, our Scouts can go on high adventure trips such as SeaBase or Philmont and participate in summer camp. We participate in numerous community events throughout the year such as trail clean-ups and the Town's Memorial Day parade. For more information on joining the troop, please see the links below

Instructions for Joining Online

New Scout Parent Guide

Recent Joining Information Presentation

Visit our online Troop Calendar to see what activities the Troop has planned.

Questions or want to visit us at a meeting? Contact us at

New scouts working together on extreme obstacle course.

Youth Membership Forms & Dues:

  • Registration and annual dues online at

    • Dues for new scouts for 2021-2022 are $133. Dues are prorated based on start date for new scouts who join mid-year.

    • Our goal is for all boys to participate as much as possible. We realize that although we do our best to keep costs down, some costs may make it difficult financially for some families. Troop 4 provides camperships for any family who may need assistance with costs for registration fees, summer camp, trips, etc. All information is strictly confidential, and can be applied for via Troop 4 Campership Application.

  • Activity Consent Form for Parents (required prior to every trip)

  • Code of Conduct (mandatory read)

  • Medical Forms (required annually)

    • Parts A & B required to go on any weekend Trip. If a parent plans to attend the trip, they must also complete a medical form Parts A & B for themselves.

    • Part C required for Summer Camp and any trips of 72 hours or more must be signed by a doctor