Rock Climbing at Central Rock Gym

Dec 8-9, 2018

Rock Climb Flyer- Scouts

Rock Climbing & Midnight Dodgeball

Scouts: Sign up will be at Troop Meetings

$60 Overnight

5:00 PM meet at CVS on Sat. night

Pick up ~ 8:00 am on Sunday – CVS!

299 Barber Ave, Worcester, MA 01606

Wear your Class B!!!

Pack light; sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes, toiletries, watervbottle, inhaler (if you have asthma and might need it), sneakers, scout handbook in case you need to get anything signed off, a great attitude!

Free for Cub Scouts!!

Come Climb with Troop 4 Scouts!

Date and time: Dec 8th, 7-9pm

Location: Central Rock Gym Worcester

Who: All Webelos (1 & 2) (boys & girls) are welcome.

Wear your Cub Scout Class B Shirt .

Register: email (cell 302-757-4000)

2 signed waivers are required.

Check-in can be slow so making sure your scouts waiver is complete may get your scout climbing on the rock 20 minutes quicker!!!

Rock Climb Flyer Cubs

Please SIGN WAIVERS and bring them along with you!!

Rock Climbing bsapermissionslip.pdf