Philmont Shakedown #1

Griswold Scout Reservation/Hidden Valley

May 22 - 24

Picture: Philmont Prep Hike, Milford Bike Trailhead

Griswold Scout Reservation/Hidden Valley


  • Depart: May 22nd - Leave Hopkinton CVS 7:30AM Saturday, Arrive GSR @ 9:45am

  • Return: May 23rd - Leave GSR @ 1:45, Arrive Hopkinton CVS @ ~4:00PM

  • Driving Arrangements: Limited Carpooling based upon Mayflower Council Policy

  • Cost $25 - includes 3 meals, trail snacks and campsite reservation

  • Avoid car pooling. Masks required.

Arrive Saturday after a hearty breakfast and bring bag lunch for trail.

We will be tenting separately. Bring your own tent or plan on packing one of the troop's tents along with you.

Please prioritize this outing so that the crews will get practice.

Scouts will be solo in tents pitched close together for evening chatting. So if you have a small tent that would help

Continue working toward Cooking, Camping, and Hiking Merit Badges!!

There are two main points as requirements for consideration of participation.

  1. Make sure you have screened your scouts for the following:

      • Cough

      • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

      • Chills

      • Repeated shaking with chills

      • Muscle pain

      • Headache

      • Sore throat

      • Loss of taste or smell

      • Diarrhea

      • Feeling feverish or having a temperature greater than or equal to 100.0°F

      • Known close contact with a person who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19

  2. Read Guidance Document and sign the Consent forms


All Scouting families and leaders are advised to download and read this guidance document before reopening Scouting.

Medical and Consent forms - This is very important!!

Scouts (and attending Adults) without these forms will not be allowed to participate. You can skip Medical forms if you submitted them last August/September time:

  1. Medical Forms: Please ensure three paper copies of Part A and B only (no doctor signature needed) including a copy of your insurance card is delivered to Jen Joyce at 4 Fenton St no later than noon on Friday May 14.

  2. Activity Consent Form: Please complete this form and email to Pinky Jose at

  3. Online COVID Form: On Friday May 21st morning before you leave, please take a few minutes to complete our online COVID Form for your son.


Youth Protection and Safety:

Parents attending a trip must complete this free training offered at

Please read How to Guide for taking Youth Protection Training . After completion, email the certificate to Jo Greystone at


Limited food sharing, patrols will appoint a single grubmaster for each meal

  • A designated Grubmaster adhering to safe food and socially distant practices.

  • There will be hot water for hot chocolate, etc

If you have any questions or concerns contact the Patrol Advisors