Jerimoth Hill and Camp Buck Hill

Nov 19-21, 2021

Jerimoth Hill and Camp Buck Hill

Meet at 3:30 PM at CVS Hopkinton on Friday, Nov 19

Return approximately 10:30 AM on Sunday

Highest peak in RI - Jerimoth Hill, in Foster, RI

Nov 19-21, 2021

Stay at Camp Buck Hill

Dress up in layers, hats, gloves/mittens

Cold Camping Gear List

Required Gear:

  • Zero degree to 20 degree mummy sleeping bag (bag liner recommended - especially if zero degree bag)

  • Insulated Sleeping pad

  • Pair of warm shoes/boots

  • One Nalgene water bottle, (optional: bring a second one to fill up with hot water as warmer)

  • One pair of synthetic base layers/long-underwear (top & bottom) No cotton

  • Outer layer insulated Jacket

  • One top mid-layers to be worn over base layers (turtlenecks, fleece) No cotton

  • Two pairs of warm, winter hiking socks (Darn Tough, SmartWool, etc.) No cotton

  • A winter hat

  • A pair of warm and waterproof winter gloves or mittens

  • A set of warm, comfortable clothes to change into after hiking & to sleep

  • First aid kit & Personal hygiene kit

  • Headlamp and small portable flashlight as a back-up (include extra batteries)

  • Mess kit (bowl/plate, cup for hot cocoa, spork)

  • Raincoat

  • Headlamp and spare batteries

  • Personal Toiletries

Other Notes:

Refer to your Scouting Handbook for additional items needed on a winter camping Trip