BSA Historic Trails

Oct 5–6, 2019

Hancock Shaker Trail Hike and Trail Maintenance Service

Hancock Shaker Trial, Pittsfield, MA


Trip has changed to overnight only, Oct 5-6 due to school activity on Friday.

Meet at CVS 6:30 AM Sat Oct 5 and leave by 7:00 AM

Return Sunday, Oct 6 around noon.

This is Troop 4’s first time taking on a Historic BSA trial maintenance service project. Come do a good turn while learning about the history of the Shaker community and its contributions to American society.

In 1774, Mother Ann Lee led eight Shaker converts from Manchester, England, to America, seeking freedom to live, work, and worship.

One of the most intriguing religious movements in American history, the Shakers are considered by many to be the most successful of utopian societies that have flourished in this country. The Shakers have made important contributions to American culture including art, architecture, craftsmanship, music, government, agriculture, and commerce.

The Shakers believed in racial and gender equality, simplicity, and pacifism. As the Shakers grew in numbers and influence in the 1800s, these virtuous principles challenged the existing social and religious structure and economic order of the new nation. Curiosity of the Shaker utopia attracted many worldly visitors to Hancock and New Lebanon, including Henry David Thoreau and Charles Dickens.

Where: Hancock Shaker Trail, Pittsfield, MA

Hancock Shaker Village:


Meet in the CVS back lot at 6:30 AM on Sat Oct 5, and leave by 7:00 AM.

Travel to Pittsfield State Forest Campground, set up camp or drive to Hancock Shaker trailhead on Rt 20 with our tools and carry out lunch.

Hike Options: Scout Trip Leader and troop will decide

4 miles (6.4 km; 2:30 hours) round-trip hike takes you to the North Family sites then to the Holy Mount site in Pittsfield State Forest and return to trailhead. Total elevation gain is 743 feet.

Clothing/Gear: Class A for Travel and museum, class B for hike, plus regular fall summer backpacking gear.

Tools: Rakes, shears, work gloves, bow saws, trash bags

Sign-ups will be at each meeting from Aug 29 through Sept 26.

Trip Brochure

BSA Historic Trails - Hancock Shaker.pdf

Work toward National Outdoor and Outdoor Achievement Awards!!

Historic Trails Award

National Outdoor Awards

Outdoor Achievement

Merit Badge Opportunities

  • Scout Essentials for Camping overnight (it's going to be a cool weekend)
  • Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Mat, Sleeping Bag Liner (optional)
  • Warm hat, gloves etc, usual gear for playing outdoors or standing around a fire at night
  • Raincoat or Outer layer (per rei guidelines)