Navigation Event

(Geocaching & Orienteering)

March 27, 2021

Saturday March 27, 2021

Come join Troop 4 in a Scout and Hopkinton Historic Navigation Event.

All Scouts and Family are welcome.

This event requires a minimum of one Parent (driver) and one Scout, additional family members are welcome to join and help with skills or answering questions.

You'll start at the CVS Parking Lot and be handed a list of instructions that will require the Scout to exercise Navigation skills (with the help of the parent driver). The instructions will take you to various locations around Hopkinton and at each location, the scout will leverage their observation skills and legs to find answers to questions.

You'll visit Troop 4 Eagle Scout Projects and other historic landmarks around town. But...don't make the mistake of following another scout, your instructions will be different.

There is no cost for this event.

The start time will be 8am at the CVS Parking lot, Scout and Drivers depart in 10min increments, estimated duration 3.5hrs

Be on the lookout for Scoutmasters during your hikes and ask for a raffle ticket. We'll be drawing prizes at the next Court of Honor.

You'll need at a min

  • Parent driver and car

  • Google Maps on your or your parent's phone

  • a Handheld Compass or Compass App on your phone

      • if using a compass app, please ensure it is working correctly, we’ve seen examples where app can be wrong

      • when using a phone compass app, ensure you get out of the car before using it, they will give incorrect readings inside the car.

  • For basic compass skills, you can review -

  • some snacks/fluids

  • footwear for a 20-30min hike. The hike sections are not strenuous and we hope families join their scout's for some adventure

  • suitable clothing for the weather on the day

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