Canoe High Adventure

June 30-July 9, 2019

Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine

Read Mr. Brennan's Journal from the trip at the bottom of this page!!

The illustrious Allagash Wilderness Waterway is world-famous for a reason...Its remote nature and tremendous variety of lakes and river paddling. One of the few rivers in the world that flows north, the Allagash as it is commonly called, gives its paddlers the true 'Maine experience'. Steeped in history for its use by lumberjacks and Native Americans, paddling the Allagash from end to end is an experience that is on the 'life-list' for many adventurers. Maine High Adventure has been versed in its history, ecology and other intricacies that will help our participants enjoy the experience.

Here is what you need to get ready

Practice T-rescue

Sunday June 9th from 10-12

Sandy Beach in Hopkinton.

  • Order your Maine Class B shirt via the on-line store. It closes on June 9th
  • Paddle strokes. We all need to know the strokes below. We will be tested (not trained) on day 1. Some crews spend 4-5 hrs with testing. Other crews are done in an hour. We need 2 canoes to practice so Mr Odell and I will schedule practice sessions very soon. Here's what we will be tested on:


  • Med forms. Please make sure Mrs Joyce has your complete Med form now. We will send these electronically to MHA on June 14th.
  • Please print and do the Canoeing Merit Badge worksheet before the training. I would think most folks would earn the merit badge on the trip.
  • I have booklets from MHA for everyone. Please read it.
  • We will gather CVS Sunday morning June 30th at 8 am.
  • Bring your Sat. lunch, and wear Class A

Raincoat and pants are mandatory!

Maine High Adv Gear Checklist

Merit Badge and other Opportunities

50 Miler Award

Scouts are required to have a swim test prior to this trip.

Mr Brennan's Journal with Crew 2

June 30, 2019

June 30th it rained at night but they're in the day we drove up from Mass all the way up to the camp were staying about 6 hours away. I drove with Michael Ethan Jack and Ryan. I learned about the music they play and the language they speak. I was very surprised to see the Canadian flag flying at the main rest area. We got to our campsite and I was excited to learn I have my own tent for the first night. Still slept lousy. Had one small incident that Matt put to rest quickly. Looking forward to the trip. I'm not sure of exactly what to expect. Saw a baby moose walking across the road near our camp on the way in.

July 1, 2019

The weather was beautiful during the day and rain at night. We left the mainland and went over to the base camp by pontoon boat. We did the swim test and got all of our equipment signed out to us. Basically got outfitted with all the gear. We ate lunch and MRE type dinner at night. We picked out trip and the maps for a our trip. The people at base camp are super nice and there's a family of mother and two brothers that work there.

July 2, 2019

On July 2nd the weather was nice then it rained overnight. We took canoes from the base camp over to the landing and then loaded up the van and the trailer and rode about 4 and 1/2 hours to our destination where we were going to put in the canoes. I saw Ryan for the last time at the gas station. He's doing a good job leading his group. I am a little nervous about the rapids the weather is changed every 10 minutes since we got here raining and not raining we're running logging roads that are about 30 ft wide 40 ft wide which is pretty cool they're mostly gravel. We're way in the North Country. Areas where trees have been cleared way up here.

July 3, 2019

It rained again the second into the 3rd at night. But we've been pretty lucky with the rain holding on off during the day. The boys are having fun but the younger kids look a little nervous about the white water rafting canoeing as do i. On the 3rd we did a lot of Lake canoeing to get to our locations and I think we had one portage.

July 4, 2019

Whoa July 4th was a big day. We had a three quarter of a mile portage and the boys were amazing with the portage. Running and hustling to get Canoes and gear back and forth was unbelievable. Mr. Peters said that it was the what best day of Scouting he's ever had. He couldn't believe how well the boys work together. The white water rafting prove to be challenging for all. Everyone except for Cameron and Sam went over. Mr. Peters and I really didn't go over but took on too much water and sink that's the price he paid for having a chubby guy in the front. We didn't see any fireworks and I've yet to see an adult moose. We did see a deer. I believe mr. Peters was the first one to see it on a shore but is very far away and once it heard us it left. July 4th was a long day we end of the day with a long boat ride to the lake to get to our campsite. It was probably the worst of the three campsites we had so far. The latrine wasn't that great you'll see a picture of it. But we made it work no rain at night and we're on July 5th. You really good to see the boys having so much fun and working so hard together. Our guide is a good guy his name is George and he's a good redneck Georgia Bulldogs boy going into his junior year and he's in the band seems to have a lot of fun with the band. Him and our older boys Jack Ethan and Michael are really hitting it off. I long for the days when I can put on dry pair of socks and not feel my ankles itching. The deet is amazing and my wife prepared me very well for this trip with the exception of the Hat don't love the Hat. Thank You wife for preparing me for the trip.

July 5, 2019

Today was Friday July 5th. The boys are exhausted from yesterday but did a great job getting going in the morning a little slow but good. As the day went on they became real motivated at the portage is and where does a true team emptying and filling canoes. Mr. Peters is having a great time because he's got the guide it takes a lot of the pressure off of his job. I've had to do very little in a formal leadership role as older boys function so well helping the younger kids. We got to stop at the store and I have dollars so some of the kids can get something to eat. We had a huge meal and I am a little sluggish after and need some nice white water to get going and have some fun. We're heading into camp now. Looking forward to setting up amp and getting the fire gone having some fun -play some cards. These boys work very well together. We're expecting rain late tonight or early tomorrow morning and rain throughout the day or scattered showers. We've been very lucky the weather has been great all week. We'll see what happens when the weather turns bad. Our scout and guide George has been fantastic with the boys he is patient and he loves to teach. The boys are like sponges.

July 6, 2019

It was a good day in the water mostly twos maybe one 3 rapid. The weather was nice when we woke up we had to do two quick portages and the boys did very well together. The second one was about three quarters of a mile so it was pretty far. Everyone's having a ball they getting punchy but having a good time. We happened to land this site called Boland campsite and we lucked out the head of screen house they let us set up home there and then a big storm hit with rain and high winds. We were there for somewhere around 3 hours and then pulled out and spent another 2 hours in the water before we set up the camp. It's our last night and and we're all sick of being wet but the kids are having a ball. Looking forward to seeing Ryan tomorrow and see how his group did. My butt is some fungus on it or something so I did treat that today. I took a picture of it for you wife. Looking forward to heading home on Monday.

July 7, 2019

So we woke up pretty early today on Sunday - last day in a tent. We had a quick breakfast and headed right out and we had to canoe down to get our pick up point all River riding. Somehow Cable lost his sleeping bag Saturday night Saturday afternoon so he didn't have a sleeping bag but Ethan loaned him the pad to help him out. We were doing well all the way down the river it was a slow ride a lot of paddling and then some of the boys started to screw around. Cam and Sam put their canoe into a rock and basically been that can go around a rock somehow they were able to save all the gear. We spent about an hour and a half trying to free the canoe but it was unsuccessful it's pretty much destroyed. We haven't got in the car for a short ride less than 2 hours back to the campsite. And then we had to paddle across with 5 canoes all the gear and all the people. We had a bean hole supper with brown bread coleslaw and apple pie and then was sleeping in cabins and heading out early tomorrow. The boys have done very well. Matt has had a great trip. I have had fun .

July 8, 2019

Up early and off to the cars via pontoon boat. Lots of fun but ready for the comforts of my bed. Drove to Portland and all the boys slept. The peace and tranquility was kind of nice. Had lunch in Portland and then to home. Great trip.

Timothy J. BrennanSergeant

Hopkinton Police Department