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Merit Badge Counseling Policy

Merit Badge counselors are adult volunteers that offer their time to help Scouts explore areas of interest and to advance. Many leaders and parents become merit badge counselors in areas they have experience with to contribute to the troop. There are times when a Scout may ask their parent to counsel them on a merit badge.

The following conditions are acceptable for when a parent may counsel their Scout on a merit badge:

  • The parent is offering a merit badge class to 3 or more scouts such as in a patrol or at a troop campout or event

  • There are no other counselors for that merit badge in the troop and the Scout has obtained explicit approval from the Scoutmaster before starting the merit badge

Merit Badge Counselors

Merit Badge Counselors

If there is a merit badge you are interested in for which you don’t see a counselor listed within Troop 4, please reach out to Mrs Hanna or your Patrol Advisor (listed below).

Merit Badge Pamphlets

Merit badge pamphlets are guidebooks to assist Scouts in completing merit badge requirements. Use of pamphlets is not required but they can be a great source of information. Our troop has a small collection of workbooks in the Scout Room you can take home or you can purchase your own from the Scout Store in Southborough MA or order online from

If you have any questions or concerns contact the Patrol Advisors