Start a Merit Badge

Process for Completing a Merit Badge 

Merit Badges are a great opportunity for scouts to explore their interests, build knowledge, and learn new skills. There are over 135 different merit badges available. 

NOTE: The following process applies to every Merit Badge (individual, troop, university, outing or online) except those done at Summer Camp. 

Step 1:  Research what merit badge you would like to work on.  Read the requirements for the badge you are interested in. Keep in mind your rank advancement and note which badges are Eagle required.  

Step 2: Before you start any work on a merit badge, go to Fill out the form requesting to start a merit badge. Specify your choice of a troop counselor.  If you do not have a troop counselor, the Advancement chair will look for a counselor in the Council and assign that person.


Step 3: The Advancement chair will connect you with the merit badge counselor in Scoutbook. Connect with that counselor to discuss how you will work on the badge and how you will provide evidence that you have completed the requirements. Options include workbook, emails, and  in-person/online meetings. Make sure you have a plan with the counselor in place before you start work.  

Step 4: Work on the Merit Badge.  NOTE: DO NOT complete requirements directly in Scoutbook.  Your Merit Badge counselor and the Advancement Chair are the only ones who can approve and enter completed requirements into Scoutbook. Be sure to check-in regularly with your counselor to report your progress - at least once a month. 

You will be recognized with your Merit Badge at the next Court of Honor. 

For Summer Camp, the troop leadership will instruct you on the process/processes for earning Merit Badges.  This may change from year to year and may include the use of a physical blue card.

Merit Badge Counselors

Merit Badge Counselors

If there is a merit badge you are interested in for which you don’t see a counselor listed within Troop 4, please reach out to your Patrol Advisor or Advancement  Chair.

Merit Badge Counseling Policy

Merit Badge counselors are adult volunteers that offer their time to help Scouts explore areas of interest and to advance.  Many leaders and parents become merit badge counselors in areas they have experience with to contribute to the troop.  There are times when a Scout may ask their parent to counsel them on a merit badge.  

The following conditions are acceptable for when a parent may counsel their Scout on a merit badge:

Merit Badge Pamphlets 

Merit badge pamphlets are guidebooks to assist Scouts in completing merit badge requirements.  Use of pamphlets is not required but are highly recommended as they are a great source of information.  Our troop has a collection of Merit Badge Pamphlets you can borrow.  See the current Troop Librarian. Or you can purchase your own from the Scout Store in  Southborough MA or order online from

Contact Mr Thapa if you forgot/need password for the App.

Merit Badge Counselors