Eagle Project Tips and Resources

Eagle Scout Project

NOTE: All email communications should come from the Eagle Candidate (not the parents)

Starting your paperwork - Part 1

  • Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook: https://www.scouting.org/programs/scouts-bsa/advancement-and-awards/eagle-scout-workbook/

    • Download the application to the computer. Close it. Re-open and save with your name in the title and work off the copy on your computer.

  • The council wants to receive 1 PDF version of the file. The signature page(s) is where it gets tricky.

    • You will submit Part 1 with your initial application (parts 2 & 3 will be blank at this time)

    • Print Part 1. Sign it

    • Print any signature pages you receive electronically (post covid you can meet with beneficiary, scout master & committee chair and receive signatures on one page).

    • Insert the printed signed pages into your workbook package and scan the entire workbook into 1 document. The council does not want multiple documents and since adobe is very hard to insert/remove pages, this was the best way we found to complete this task.

    • Suggestion any pictures -drawings of area or location of project are always very Helpful when project is discussed with District Advancement..

  • Email address: send signed Eagle Project workbook to Mayflower council & copy an adult: headwatersadvancement@mayflowerbsa.org (This is during and post covid - the council doesn't want any hard copies - only electronically)

  • Wait for the council to reply back with updates/questions or approval. You are not approved until you have responded to questions/feedback and receive an email starting your project is approved

After Council Approves (Part 2):

  • Update Part 2 with any feedback or changes you have made to project

  • Complete your project (make sure to show leadership by involving others)

When your project is completed (Part 3):

  • Collect Signatures from Yourself, beneficiary & scout master

  • Update part 3 of the proposal

  • Use the same email addresses when the project is completed and signed by the beneficiary to send in: headwatersadvancement@mayflowerbsa.org

  • Copy an adult on any email communication to the council.

  • Keep a record of all emails (save them in your email

Eagle Scout Application

  • Helpful checklist: https://www.mayflowerbsa.org/wp-content/uploads/How-to-Complete-Your-Eagle-Scout-Rank-Application-Form-2.pdf

  • Application: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-728_WB_fillable.pdf

  • If you need the date you joined scouts, send an email to: JoiningDate@mayflowerbsa.org

  • Requirements 1-6 must be completed before your 18th birthday. The application can go in up to 3 months after you turn 18, but all work must be done before your birthday. The Certification by the applicant needs to be completed to turn in the application, but can be after your birthday. To be safe, I would get the signatures BEFORE your birthday.

    • There are 7 parts to the application so read the checklist and make sure that you are ready to submit it

      1. Life Scout for at least 6 months

      2. Names of who will write your Letters of reference (The letters of reference can take time to be returned, so plan ahead).

      3. Merit badges and dates

      4. Position of Responsibility within troop as Life Scout for 6 months

      5. Completed Eagle Project (file attached)

      6. Life Scout - attend Unit Leader Conference

      7. Certification by applicant:

  • Statement of Life Ambition & Purpose - this is your chance to talk about how much scouting means to you and what you have learned

  • Signatures: Yourself, scoutmaster, committee chair

Send the completed application to: eaglescoutapplicationsubmission@mayflowerbsa.org

Letters of Reference

The letters can be in word or PDF. I would suggest that you send them the boy scout oath & Scout law and ask them to mention some of the laws in the letter (loyal, friendly, kind...)

You will need the following:

  • Parent (required)

  • Religious (optional) - if you do not have a religious affiliation, then make sure your parents address your "reverence"

  • Education - (required) teacher, guidance counselor, etc

  • Employer, if any (optional)

  • 2 other references (required) - scout master, ASM, family friend, sports coach, etc

Ask your recommenders to send the letters of Reference (PDF/Word) to the Troop 4 Advancement chair (jennifer@troop4hopkinton.org and/or krishanna@troop4hopkinton.com) who will then email them directly to headwatersadvancement@mayflowerbsa.org

Promote Eagle Project Service Hours for Scouts - Plan Ahead

  • Plan ahead of time - give at lease 2-3 weeks before project execution

  • Make announcements at PLC and troop meetings. Describe what the the project is how it's going to help the beneficiary and/or town

  • Let your Advisors or SM know so we can post it on the Newsletter as well. Email date, time, location for project


Service Project Planning Checklist

The safety of our Scouts, volunteers, employees, and communities is our top priority. This checklist can be used for all Scouting service projects. The checklist is not an added requirement for an Eagle Scout service project.


SAFE Project Tool Use

Scouts and their parents expect all Boy Scouts of America activities to be conducted safely. To ensure the safety of participants, the Boy Scouts of America expects leaders to use the four points of SAFE when delivering the Scouting program.