Cyber Chip

What is the Cyber Chip?

The Cyber Chip is a BSA tool to educate Scout Leaders, parents and Scouts on how to interact with others and be safe when using the internet and electronics. Topics such as cyber bullying, internet etiquette, gaming, identity theft, and cell phone use are covered.

You can learn more about the Cyber Chip on the BSA Website.

Earning the Cyber Chip

The BSA teamed up with NetSmartz® to create the educational material. Follow the corresponding links to the grade you are in to complete the requirements. When you are done, email or see a unit to get it signed.

Recharging the Cyber Chip

Scouts will graduate to new topics each year by recharging their Cyber Chip and broadening their knowledge. To recharge, follow the corresponding links to your grade:

Once you have watched the video or read the article, you have recharged your chip. Then, simply get a unit leader to enter the date of rechargation on your Cyber Chip card.