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Indoor Skydiving and Winter Camping, Feb 11-12

posted Jan 22, 2017, 2:56 PM by Drew Schlussel   [ updated Jan 22, 2017, 2:59 PM ]

We will travel straight to SkyVenture Indoor Skydiving, 100 Adventure Way (formerly 3 Poisson Ave), Nashua, NH.

There will be at least two separate group sessions of not more than 12 people each.
After instruction and safety training, each session will be for 30 minutes “dive” time.

From there, we will travel to the Friendly Beaver Campground, 98 Cochran Hill Road, New Boston, NH.     

We will have the opportunity swim in their indoor heated pool, as well as reinforce our winter camping skills, including digging snow cave shelters if there’s enough snow.  Bring your winter gear and your suit and towel!!!

We will meet at CVS’s rear parking lot at 7:30 AM on Feb 11th, and leave no later than 8 AM.

Scouts should eat breakfast before leaving.

We will return to the CVS parking lot Sunday morning by around 10-11AM, and will call from the road when we get close.

Personal Gear (suitable for Winter in NH! - see also the Scout Handbook):


1.     Backpack (smaller better) w/ pack cover or large plastic bag

2.     Sleeping bag (0-20 deg)

3.   Sleeping pad

4.     Winter Hiking Boots, waterproof

5.     2 pr Heavy-weight hiking socks (liner socks optional)

6.     Base-layer thermal under-garments

7.     Long-sleeve  mid-layer shirt (no cotton)

8.     Long pants (thermal/fleece, no cotton)

9.   Winter shell / snow pants

10.  Winter Coat or Shell w/ liner

11.  Fleece Jacket, sweater or other extra layer

12.  Waterproof gloves/Mittens, Hat/Balaclava

13.  Mess-kit (cup, bowl, spork)

14.  1-liter water bottle

15. Small shovel / scoop to dig snow cave/shelter

16. Plastic tarp / ground cloth for snow cave

17.  (the regulars) headlamp, pocketknife, toiletries, hand/foot warmers, small 1st aid kit


PLUS : Swimsuit and  towel!